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 Arkansas Community Dispute Resolution Centers, Inc.

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3805 West 12th Street, Suite 201

Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

Arkansas Community Dispute Resolution Centers, Inc. (ACDRC), the only state-wide nonprofit dispute resolution center in Arkansas, is pleased to announce on Tuesday, January 19, 2016, will launch its newest training program: Anger Management.  ACDRC Anger Management classes will be offered to anyone who has been court ordered, recommended or self-referred to anger management classes. These highly interactive classes will be conducted by conflict resolution and behavioral management experts and will feature dynamic guest speakers who have acquired (and now use) their anger management skills to lead positive and productive lives.

ACDRC Anger Management classes will include lively class activities which will allow attendees to explore self-respect, to think independently and critically, enhance their level of knowledge regarding anger, identify the sources of their anger and assess their own anger management styles and competencies.  These engaging lessons will also allow attendees to advance their communication skills, practice anger/conflict management strategies and develop a personal action plan. Attendees will acquire life-long skills which can be used to achieve both personal and workplace goals, support positive family outcomes, promote safe community environments and foster greater productivity in all aspects of their lives.

If an attendee so desires, this program can be completed in a single week.  The entire curriculum has been scheduled in segments for the attendee’s convenience.   Every segment is available each week to encourage timely completion.

Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon completion of the course, and a Course Completion Report shall be provided to referring entities. Classes will be held at the Willie L. Hinton Human Resource Center located at 3805 West 12th Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. ACDRC Trainers are also available to provide onsite Anger Management classes to service providers who execute an ACDRC Memorandum of Understanding.

The fee for the entire Anger Management program is $250. This fee must be paid in advance by United States Postal Money Order (payable to ACDRC Anger Management), credit card or debit card. Class fees are accepted online at www.acdrc.net  and at the ACDRC office, located in Suite 201 at the Willie L. Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center. In order to promote prompt completion of the class curriculum, all training fees shall be forfeited if the registrant has not completed the required class curriculum within 90 days of the date of registration.

ACDRC also provides all forms of mediation services, and in the spring of 2016, ACDRC will be providing Domestic Relations/Violence and Peaceful Parenting classes as well.

If you have questions or are interested in referring clients to the ACDRC, please use the attached referral form, or contact ACDRC at:  (501) 379-1565 or by email at programs@acdrc.net. ACDRC looks forward to serving you.


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